Just like that..

Suddenly, we slept in one world and woke up in another. Disney has no more magic and Paris is no longer romantic.

Suddenly, in New York everyone sleeps. And the Great Wall of China is no longer a fortress.
Suddenly, hugs and kisses become weapons. Holding hands and walking the parks become outlawed.
Suddenly, not visiting aging parents and grandparents becomes an “act of love”.
Suddenly, our bombs and machine guns, our tanks and artilleries begin to gather dust.

Suddenly, we realised, that money has no value when it can’t even buy you toilet paper.

Suddenly, we have been put back in our place by the hands of the universe.

And we’ve been made aware how vulnerably “human” we truly are, when faced with a microbe so powerfully inhumane.

(Author Unknown)
Stay safe all xx

Hermès Beauty


Rouge Hermès is a complete collection dedicated to the beauty of the lips. Objects designed by Pierre Hardy that are at once poetic, functional and refillable. A durable object in lacquered, polished and brushed metal, Rouge Hermès is protected by a canvas pouch and slipped inside its little orange box!

Each lipstick shade was specifically chosen from the brand’s impressive archive of over 900 leather shades and 75,000 silk swatches, meaning every one relates to a part of Hermès’ impressive heritage.

It’s also why, among the traditional reds and pinks inspired by some of the brand’s most popular bags and scarves, there are more statement colours including purple and orange tones – the latter of which is the same as the signature Hermès packaging boxes.

For now, there is only lipstick, for $67, with refills for $42. It comes in 24 colors (plus three additional options every season, for $72 each) and two different textures, a matte inspired by Hermès’s fine-grained suede and a satin meant to imitate the glow of box calf leather, of the Kelly bag

The tri-coloured cases, designed by the creative director of Hermès jewellery and shoes Pierre Hardy, will not only make a chic statement on your dressing table – with the satisfying luxury ‘click’ when they close – but they are designed to be environmentally-friendly. In fact, they contain no plastic and are also refillable.

Turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience

It may be fairly clear but creating a calming atmosphere is the first step in building your at home spa which is greatly needed right now since the line between your home and office has become blurry and watching the news makes us constantly distressed.

Try to go all out, take into account the light, the music, the scent, everything.

light a lot of candles.

play a spa play list or white noise.

light incense or use a diffuser.

put a vitamin rich face mask, and cooled tea bags or cucumbers on your eyes.

Take deep breathes through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Massage your skin care and serums. use a jade roller for deeper drainage.

use epsom salts or your favorite bath bombs and soak for as long as you can .

Do a full body exfoliation and massage a body oil all over the areas you just exfoliated.

Louis Vuitton Escale collection available online now

Absolutely not the best time for this but here goes.. feast your eyes

Many brands are trying to figure out how to remain open during this unprecedented world wide pandemic that is affecting all of us. They ‘Luxury Brands ‘ continue doing what they know to do best ie: produce more luxury.

In tough times this tie-dye like collection reminds us of a different, happier life. A time we all look forward to, when we leave our houses feeling the warm sun and summer breeze while on vacation or a terrace.

Collection is available for sale online immediately, since all stores are currently closed.


This is not a beauty post. This is just me sharing my thoughts with you while in self isolation day 12.

After semi making peace with the fact that I can’t go out whenever I want, moving past the fact that my life is on pause till further notice and I have absolutely no control on when will I go back to normal I decided to let things take their course- No choice, huh.

I realized that in the past few months to a year no matter who I would call or see we would always bond on the fact that we are in a rut, depressed and sick of our routine life. We would always end off the conversation by shrugging and saying we do not know what it is cause we are blessed we are doing well for ourselves yet there is something, an unsettling feeling.

I think in some sort of way we needed something that would force all of us to slow down. Take a step back and realize that we have it good, learn to become a tad more grateful, appreciate and give back. Enjoy it while we have it because it all can change in two seconds, for now enjoy the time you are getting for yourself, reach out and tell those you love how much you care about them focus on the silver lining and just try to be positive.

Stay safe xx

How to self isolate and still look and feel fantastic

Spas, hair salons, nail salons all beauty parlours are closed due to COVID-19.. Yikes!!

Bummer for sure, yet that doesn’t mean that we should let ourselves go, we should take advantage of all this spare time we have on our hands pamper ourselves and come out of this looking like a million bucks.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate keep drinking water and see how will your skin, hair, nails and even your mood will change.

Its the perfect time for deep hair conditioning treatments, scrubs and facials. Yes all the ones bought and never got around to using cause we never managed to get 30 minutes to spare during our hectic lives, now we can sit back, relax and get shiny, soft hair and radiant skin.

Fall back in love with your natural nails. This one hits real close to home, if you know me at all you know my nails are always on point, acrylics, refills every two weeks, pointy, shiny, bling-y you name it. The day I realized I have no choice but to remove them i died a bit on the inside *JOKES* I have to admit I can’t wait till I can make my appointment for a fresh new set, but for now I made my peace with them and taking this as an opportunity to let them breath while hydrating the cuticles and strengthening the nails with olive oil.

Stay well and sane during COVID-19 self isolation

Whatever your day entails especially if you are not working right now a routine will help with stability to give you a sense of security, a feeling of control and help you make the best of your day within your new confines.

Build physical activity into your daily routine, use the treadmill, dance, do squats, run up and down your stairs at home.

Drink water and try to eat healthy. Eating regularly to keep your blood sugar level stable thus your mood and energy level stablized.

Reach out to family and friends, check out online activities, concerts, and events in your area/community.

Me time is very important, meditate, do yoga, take long baths, pamper yourself. This is the perfect time to slow down, disconnect and reflect.

Stay safe! xx