Forget Toilet Paper: Hair Dye Will Be The Next Impossible To Get Item In The Pandemic

It’s not super surprising that after stocking up on paper towels, toilet paper, and frozen pizza, the next thing everyone is running to buy during quarantine is box hair color.

After the run on toilet paper, people are buying up hair dye to cover their roots at home.

Then people stocked up on toilet paper(perhaps you’ve heard about that?) and then baking and cooking products. Now, we’re on to doing the best we can at home, with home hair color sales spiking 23% over last year, according to Nielsen data. Obviously, the necessity of staying at home is proving more challenging than anyone could expect, but keeping some normalcy through beauty routines can be helpful for people feeling upended by all of the changes in the world right now.

While. “It’s best to leave big color changes to the professionals,” Lee, also Garnier celebrity hair colorist, told Refinery29’s Aimee Simeon.”You don’t want to try new colors and techniques at home just because you’re bored.”