How to calm anxiety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Anxiety to those who don’t suffer from it can be difficult to define and comprehend by those who do not suffer from it. Often people who don’t suffer from anxiety get irritated, frustrated and angry with anxious people as if the anxious person is an attention seeker and ‘putting it on’. Often anxious people get told that their problem is trivial and can be remedied by simply ‘pulling oneself together’. This is unhelpful behavior that can exacerbate anxiety and further isolate an anxious person, who is already feeling lost, lonely and scared.

Make sure you’re practicing positive self care

It is recommended that if you find yourself being overwhelmed by the constant stream of COVID-19 news, “choose to take a break from social media, scrolling through all your news feeds.”

You should speak with a mental health professional if you are struggling with anxiety, you’re feeling overwhelmed, you feel you are not handling all the physical distancing calls or you’re really feeling isolated right now.

Stay safe all xx