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This is not a beauty post. This is just me sharing my thoughts with you while in self isolation day 12.

After semi making peace with the fact that I can’t go out whenever I want, moving past the fact that my life is on pause till further notice and I have absolutely no control on when will I go back to normal I decided to let things take their course- No choice, huh.

I realized that in the past few months to a year no matter who I would call or see we would always bond on the fact that we are in a rut, depressed and sick of our routine life. We would always end off the conversation by shrugging and saying we do not know what it is cause we are blessed we are doing well for ourselves yet there is something, an unsettling feeling.

I think in some sort of way we needed something that would force all of us to slow down. Take a step back and realize that we have it good, learn to become a tad more grateful, appreciate and give back. Enjoy it while we have it because it all can change in two seconds, for now enjoy the time you are getting for yourself, reach out and tell those you love how much you care about them focus on the silver lining and just try to be positive.

Stay safe xx

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