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Turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience

It may be fairly clear but creating a calming atmosphere is the first step in building your at home spa which is greatly needed right now since the line between your home and office has become blurry and watching the news makes us constantly distressed.

Try to go all out, take into account the light, the music, the scent, everything.

light a lot of candles.

play a spa play list or white noise.

light incense or use a diffuser.

put a vitamin rich face mask, and cooled tea bags or cucumbers on your eyes.

Take deep breathes through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Massage your skin care and serums. use a jade roller for deeper drainage.

use epsom salts or your favorite bath bombs and soak for as long as you can .

Do a full body exfoliation and massage a body oil all over the areas you just exfoliated.

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