Wedding dress shopping during the pandemic

For brides who were scheduled to wed between March and June 2020, it’s likely that your wedding has been rescheduled, and that’s okay. If you’ve already begun bridal fittings, it may be that those have also been put on pause, and that’s for the best. Fittings should take place and be completed as close to your wedding date as possible. And what’s intended to fit you now might need to be altered in a few months or in a year from today.

Brides of 2021 are, left with the time to research all that currently exists in the market and can hold out for the new styles that brands hope to release by summertime. What was once known as wedding season (the months of June through September being the ideal time to wed) will this year be more of a shopping season, with the 2020’s first weddings taking place at the end of August and into September–November.

The strategy for all 2021 brides appears to hurry up … and wait. It’s fair to want to use your time at home to plan, strategize, and get ahead of a standard timeline, but that’s where all your online research, work with a planner, consults with a stylist, and exchanges with your other creative partners will come in. With that in mind, you have the luxury of time right now. Brands are most focused on getting current orders out to 2020 brides waiting in the wings for their gowns and fittings, and are currently in holding patterns when it comes to producing their latest collections for spring 2021, which were slated to release in mid-April. New collections will certainly be delayed from late-May to mid-June at the earliest, should the world be able to return to work slowly but surely in the coming months. And when they do, expect a slow trickle of new options as brands recoup and reorganize, bring employees back to the office, and navigate how to produce, photograph, and promote their latest pieces in the mid- to post-pandemic climate.